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Our mission is to help teams create, prototype, and test new solutions in life science.

Aurelie Moser


Agile Coach & Consultant in Innovation & Transformation

I am a pharmacist and health economist.
I enable team and organization leaders in healthcare to reduce the time between technology or ideas discovery until significant investments by bringing creativity and disciplined methods with contagious energy and a smile, deep expertise in commercial strategy and healthcare innovations, as well as a team and system coaching approach.
I believe that everyone can be creative and that collaboration and trust are key to any transformation. This is why I am a long-time practitioner of Service Design and Design Thinking and Lean Startups, a Scrum Master, a certified trainer on Business Model Generation methodology, and a visual strategist. I am also a passionate organization and relationship systems coach (ORSC).

Business Partners

Geraldine Mercier, PhD


Change and movement booster, senior coach

Antoine Boulet

Coach & Consultant

Expert in technology integration and efficiency

Our Credentials & Mindset

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    • Certifications in Methodologies like Design Thinking, Scrum, Lean startup, Business model innovation, Visual thinking
    • Trained Team Coach in systemic coaching, organizational development and talent development assessment
    • We intentionally invest time in coaching and training of at least 10% of our time to ensure staying ahead of the game

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    • Our senior agile coaches have at least 15 years of corporate and consulting experience in life science, combining strong expertise in Pharma business strategy and agile working.

    • We bring a unique visual, creative and agile thinking process and workshop facilitation style. Our creativity catalysts create and customize visual thinking exercises, serious games to inspire innovation.

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