We help you boost your innovation potential to create, prototype, and test new solutions in life science.

We combine our consulting expertise with a solid coaching approach.

Are you trying to design value-added services for your customers or your upcoming launch?


Do you want to partner with startups and other actors in your ecosystem?

Do you aim at scaling innovative practices in your organization? 


Do you wish to embrace an entrepreneurship mindset and business model innovation capabilities?

Bamboo meets Booster…

We are Bambooster!

After 15 years in corporate commercial and innovation team leader roles, in 2018, Aurelie left her employee role for a new adventure and founded Bambooster. At Bambooster, we enable solutions design and development like the bamboo grows: Connected, Fast & Resilient, and Innovative.

Our clients are corporate or research institutes (such as Roche Pharma, Pfizer, Roche Diagnostic, TPH, Biogen…) as well as Accelerators and startups in the field of life science.

We enable team and organization leaders in healthcare to reduce the time between technology or ideas discovery and significant investments by bringing creativity and disciplined methods with contagious energy and a smile, deep expertise in commercial strategy and healthcare innovations, as well as a team and system coaching approach.

We have No BlaBla, No Bullshit, and No Blingbling values.

No Blabla: less talk, more co-design, and progress. We ensure every interaction with you and your team brings the best outcomes, and we aim to get the first draft quickly and iterate from there.

No Bullshit: humility and transparency on how we could help our clients. We challenge (with a smile) behaviors (such as company-centricity vs. customer-centricity), methods, and mindset. We will only provide you with a service if it brings impact.

No Blingbling: pragmatic, impact-driven project design in co-creation mode with our clients and their clients (e.g., physicians, pharmacists, patients..). The output will not be a beautiful 250 slides deck that nobody will use and force you to hire us again two years later. We do beautiful slides, but most importantly, we ensure to transfer knowledge and capabilities to you and ensure lasting momentum.

At Bambooster we bring along the boost, the high energy in projects and workshop facilitation in the same way bamboo grows. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth, and is highly resilientflexible and humble.  It is also one of the most creative materials, as a multipurpose plant used for food, construction, and textiles.

Next virtual cohort starts on February 6, 2023. Join us for a 3 month weekly session to learn and build a strong business model!
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